Collection: Cyllare at the hoop

Cyllare was a beautiful and proud centaur,
Who lived in the valleys of Arcadia.
He loved the centauresses he knew how to seduce,
He had a bronze hoop, which he threw with skill.
One day he saw a centauress named Hylonomea,
She was gentle and graceful, and he liked him immediately.
He threw his hoop, which surrounded him,
He pulled her towards him with an ardent gaze.
Hylonomée was surprised, but did not resist,
For she felt her heart beating for this fiery centaur.
They loved each other with a tender and passionate love,
They lived far from envious eyes.
Unfortunately one day, fate untied their thread,
Cyllare was called to fight the Lapiths, the enemies of the centaurs.
Hylonomee, worried, begged him to stay with her.
Despite her pleas he left, promising to return soon.
Alas, he never returned, he succumbed by the hand of Theseus, the hero of Athens.
Hylonomea was in despair, and wept, inconsolable
She kept her hoop, in memory of their love.
She died of grief, without ever being able to calm her heart.
audrey flechet, sculpture, bronze, centaure, bronce, fonderie du champ bon, centaur, centauro, cyllare