Audrey Fléchet

Sculptor & foundry artist

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The Solitaires


“Sisyphus embraces his pain. He clings to perpetual motion and does not... 

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“The Champ Bon art foundry is not a place for rings of leather... It's a place where it heats up, where it burns, where it explodes... That's where little Audrey Fléchet she makes her bronzes, her carousel of jokes of gigolettes and beasts... She makes them in lost wax, an old method that she learned through her wanderings... She does it all by herself, the kid, she doesn't need help... She models her animals in wax, she puts them in ceramic molds... And then she sets them on fire, she melts the wax, she pours the bronze in fusion... It makes flames, sparks, smoke... It smells of sulfur, metal, sweat... She doesn't care, she's not afraid, she likes it... She breaks the molds, she takes out the bronzes, she cleans them, she polishes them, she patinates them... She gives them colors, blue, green, brown... She gives them a soul, a name, a life ... She signs her signature on it... She makes twelve of each, not one more... And most of them are unique pieces, she's not here to run the store, little one Audrey Fléchet... She's proud of her job, of her workshop... It's not a place to fool around... Here she tells stories."

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