Collection: Hylonomea on the mat

Hylonomée was a beautiful and gentle centaur,
Who lived in the meadows of Elis.
She loved Cyllare, the sublime centaur,
Who captured his centauresses with a bronze hoop.
One day she heard the terrible news,
That Cyllare had died in battle against the Lapiths.
Hylonomea was overwhelmed, and wept for him,
She lost the taste for life, for joy.
She decided never to cut her hair again
Which she braided into a long braid
She wandered in the fields, alone and bitter,
And she sang her sorrow and her pain in the Cyclades.
She died of grief, never reappearing in the world.
audrey flechet, sculpture, bronze, centaure, bronce, fonderie du champ bon, centaur, centauro, hylonomé