Collection: Conch Pholos

Pholos was a loyal and brave centaur,
Who lived in the high caves of Mount Pelion.
He loved his friends, he was generous, altruistic.
He owned a conch, which he blew with talent.
One day he was invited to Pirithoos' wedding,
The king of the Lapiths, enemies of the centaurs.
He went there despite their differences, without suspicion,
But then realized that it was a trap.
The Lapiths, drunk with ambrosia, insulted the centaurs,
Attempted to brutally ravish their wives.
Pholos, indignant, wanted to intervene,
He was injured and knocked to the ground.
Sensing that his friends were in great danger,
That they were surrounded by Lapiths
He took his conch and put it in his mouth,
Breathed, with all his strength.
The sound of the conch resounds beyond the mountains,
And he alerted the other centaurs, who ran to their aid.
They threw themselves into battle, with rage,
The staccato of the hooves mingling with the roar of the shell
And they repelled the Lapiths with honor.
Pholos was saved, and he thanked his friends,
He kept his conch, as a symbol of their camaraderie.
He lived happily with his brothers,
Far from the lapiths and their felony.
audrey flechet, sculpture, bronze, centaure, bronce, fonderie du champ bon, centaur, centauro, pholos