Collection: The rise of Hyleos

Hyleos was an ambitious and proud centaur,
Who lived in the forests of Phocis.
He loved the gods, and he wanted to see them with his own eyes,
He made wings for himself, which he made with wax and feathers.
One day he decided to make his dream come true,
And he rushed towards the sky, towards Olympus.
He flew, with joy, believing himself to be the master of the world,
But he did not see the sun, which burned his wings.
His wings melted, and he fell into the void,
And he screamed, with fear and regret.
He crashed to the ground and died instantly.
He found himself in Olympia surrounded by demiurges,
Forever laughing at his misfortune.
audrey flechet, sculpture, bronze, centaure, bronce, fonderie du champ bon, centaur, centauro, hyléos