Collection: Krotos' Lie

Krotos was a deceitful and lecherous centaur,
Who prowled in the woods, looking for some conquest.
He coveted the centauresses, young and fierce,
But they despised him, because he was ugly and grotesque.
One day he had a mischievous idea,
He made himself a horse mask, made of wood and wool,
And put it on his head, to hide his hideous appearance.
Thus disguised, he went to the meadow where the centauresses were grazing.
They did not recognize him, and took him for a handsome male,
And he was thus able to approach them, and pay court to them.
A storm broke out and his mask broke under the gusts,
revealing his deception to everyone.
The centauresses, outraged, rushed at him,
And bit him, and scratched him, and chased him with their hooves.
Krotos fled, covered in blood and shame,
And never again saw the proud centauresses of Thessaly.
audrey flechet, sculpture, bronze, centaure, bronce, fonderie du champ bon, centaur, centauro, krotos